January 19, 2017

January 11, 2017

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Template II: Patients

January 19, 2017

1. Define criteria and insights


In this template, the defined criteria is a dataset which shows the increased risk for people who smoke to develop serious illnesses (such as lung cancer, heart disease and stroke). As an example, this data could be used to identify high-risk patients who could benefit from proactive care, such as lifestyle changes. 


 Data types and relationships



Each column is programmed to show the realistic risk of a non-smoking patient developing the illness. Relationships are built between the columns, by making overall risk dependent on smoker, stroke, lung cancer and heart disease columns. As shown below, the risk of developing one of these illnesses is increased if the patient is a smoker. 



Defined insight for risk of developing illnesses




2. Preview cooked up datasets


The preview function will generate an example of the kind of data created from the data tab. The table function previews 100 rows so can see and review the underlying data. 


 Example realistic dummy dataset



3. Export into spreadsheets or databases


Up to 100,000 rows of realistic dummy data can currently be exported for free, by running a generation task in the cloud. 



 DataBake payment screen - free!




Grab a slice of this pre-generated template by selecting "Patients", or

start baking your very own personalised dataset now





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